domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009


Finally, SLICK is on. Look at the photos hanging on its walls.

And here is an article of Le Monde that makes a little comment about them. Thanks, whoever wrote that article.

A Slick, on cultive pour la majorité l'art supposé "jeune", rigolard, volontiers porno. Mais la farce systématique est aussi lassante qu'un autre système. Quelques exceptions : (…) les images d'Agares Graber chez Pascal Vanhoecke, qui suggèrent un avenir dans lequel les bêtes sauvages ont repris le contrôle des villes.
(From Le Monde, Oct 24, 2009)

martes, 20 de octubre de 2009

Camping at SLICK

The new edition of the Paris art fair SLICK will be open on October 23rd. Thanks to the gallery that represents me in Europe, Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, I’ll be presenting there a series of photographs showing animals camping in the city.  It is called, you guessed right, Camping. Some examples below.
For more information about SLICK, go visit its website. Don’t miss it!